Living the life you want to live!

Everyone has a dream of an ideal life, doing exactly what they want to do, for me it would be to live on my own stud farm breeding world class horses. That is my ideal life my dream and for some it is just a dream but for me it is my end goal in life. No dream is impossible and right now you might not be in the situation to be able to achieve your dream. I personally don’t have the funds or time right now to reach my dream but I will eventually I will make my dream come true. I saw a quote a few years ago that has stayed with me.  Don’t settle for making someone else’s dream come true! Go out there and start a plan to reach your dreams!

There is no passion to be found playing small, in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living- Nelson Mandela



Quote of the week

Apologies for not posting recently I’ve got my finals coming up in a few weeks so life’s quite hectic at the moment! I was scrolling through pinterest my go to for inspiration and stumbled across this quote.  Being successful takes a lot of time and effort, you can’t expect success to just come to you it slowly builds up over time! So get working on your next goal!



How to be more grateful in life

Often in our daily lives we take even the simple things for granted, I know certainly I do, It’s only when our lives take a turn for the worst that we recognise these simple acts and wish we were back to normal. During the past year I have started to become more grateful for the simple things and it’s made such a difference to both my mindset and the way I live my life. Here are 3 simple ways to become more grateful in daily life:

  1. Making a list of what you are thankful for: this could be simple things like being healthy, fit, having a great group of friends or family around you. Looking back at this list when your not having a great day can always bring your mood to one more positive.
  2. Recognise the good in every day: as in one of my previous posts just listing 2 or 3 things each day that have made your day better such as one of your colleagues bringing in cakes (always makes your day better!) or finishing the project you have been working on. If your really struggling for ideas even simpler things such as getting a good night’s sleep or the weather can make you more positive!
  3. Showing kindness: Just spare a moment for those less fortunate than you that can’t afford the nice luxuries you have in your life. It amazes me how grateful one person can be for a small act of kindness whether you are buying a drink and some food to a homeless person or smiling at strangers in the street. It costs nothing to show kindness and can make you feel a whole lot better about your day!

So try being more grateful you will be surprised how much better and positive you can feel! If you’ve enjoyed this post please follow my blog for the latest updates! Have you got other ways of being more grateful if so please share in the comments below!pexels-photo-424517.jpeg

Can tattoo’s influence positivity?

As a tattoo enthusiast and collector I truly believe tattoo’s can influence positivity, a number of my tattoo’s don’t inspire me but I have two that truly inspire me every single day. Tattoo’s of quotes are becoming more popular and I can fully understand the reason behind it, seeing  your inking every day and reading the quote or remembering the reason behind the tattoo helps maintain that positivity. There’s a number of ways to influence positivity like writing your favourite quotes and leaving them in area’s you are in constantly but there’s something special about having that inking permanently on your skin forever. What are your influences for maintaining a positive mindset?

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‘Just keep swimming’

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Enjoy the now


So today’s post I’m going to be focusing on enjoying the present moment, often we focus on the future or the past but how often do you actually focus on the present moment. We can be so focused on the future that we forget to focus on the little things like the birds singing in the trees or the clear blue sky that’s in front of us. Sometimes by focusing on these little moments it can help brighten up your day making you feel more positive and productive about your day. I often try to focus on these little things at least once every day it’s amazing how much better you can feel going out for a walk and enjoying the fresh air or watching the birds in the trees. I! Even if the little positive thing in your day is enjoying the fresh coffee you drink every morning or the morning gossip with your work colleges!! Pick one positive moment to focus on every day and you’ll be surprised at the change it can make in your day!

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