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By putting your everything into tasks you undertake not only does it help you to improve your enthusiasm for work but it helps you to achieve your goal with gratitude and when your goal finally pays off you will get a bigger reward!Put your heart, mind and soul into even the smallest acts. This is the secret of success



3 Simple ways to motivate yourself

Motivating yourself isn’t always easy, it comes in waves sometimes lasting for days yet other times it seems impossible to motivate yourself. I’m quite lucky in the fact that I find it pretty easy to motivate myself but if you don’t always find it easy here’s some simple tips to become motivated!

  1. Watch YouTube video’s- this is often a favourite of mine, there are tonnes of motivational videos on YouTube for all different kinds of motivation from exercise to work goals. I often find ted talks to be really useful in helping me stay motivated and on track.
  2. Envision your goal in the future- what do you want to achieve and when do you want to achieve it? I find by envisioning my goal it inspires me to keep going to get where i want to be and reach that final goal.
  3. Take some time away from daily life- Now this doesn’t have to be a long time away, nor does it need to be somewhere hot and sunny, Often taking a break away from any distractions can be beneficial in getting your mind active and letting you think more about ways to achieve your goal.

How do you motivate yourself? Why not share in the comments below? motivation

Acts of kindness

Ever so often we go about our daily lives being immersed in the digital world constantly checking into twitter or Instagram always keeping up to date with the latest news. But how often do we look up from our phones and take note of the people around us? The old lady struggling to stand on the bus or the young mother struggling to get her pram on the train. Just delivering small acts of kindness can really make someone’s day even if it is something as simple as smiling at a passer by or offering your seat up on the bus.  Not only does it make the person who you are offering the kindness to feel happier it makes you feel happier! Only the other day I noticed a lady drop her watch in the street, I quickly notified her and gave her the watch and you know what she said? That I had restored her faith in humanity. She expected the watch would have been stolen and never to be seen again. So you never know just by showing kindness to another stranger you may be restoring their faith in humanity!

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The power of fitness

One of the ways I achieve positivity/happiness is by using fitness getting out for a run and breathing in the fresh air there is quite no other feeling like it, the blood pumping around my body and my legs aching. It feels strange saying its a good feeling, at the time it feels a lot different and you find yourself thinking what in the world possessed me to do this but once you’ve got your breath back and recovered you get that feeling. Almost a high of exercise. Not only does it help your physical health but your mental health. Studies have shown that physical activity improves our mood helping to feel content and calmer, relieving stress and has a positive impact on self-esteem! Now if that doesn’t encourage you to take part in some physical activity I don’t know what will! It doesn’t have to be anything to strenuous just a brisk walk can give you the same effects!

What activities do you do to make you feel positive/happy?

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Quote of the week

This weeks quote stuck out to me as it’s so relateable in order to better ourselves we need to be prepared. To reach that goal we have set for ourselves we must continue to follow those mini goals or stepping stones as i like to call them. By following these mini goals we continue to progress into reaching our final goal, each bit of progress brings us closer to our final goal!

What goals have you set yourself? The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances_ if there is any reaction, both are transformed

Living with the light and the dark

Taking a walk the other day I noticed a parting in the sky one side was completely grey yet the other side was white and it made me start to think. We always live with the light and the dark sometimes we live in the light more than we live in the dark yet other times its the opposite way around. Its okay to live in the dark sometimes as long as we don’t stay there too long. I think life is about balancing that time that we spend between the two. Trying to live in the light constantly is draining both your mental and physical energy. But by living in-between the dark and light we can find a neutral balance dipping into both the light and dark but not being completely submerged. There are small things we can do with our day to make us in the light such as doing our favourite things running, meditating, blogging, what ever makes you happy. I think it’s important that we have things that bring light into our lives, things that we can look forward to but i think its also important to note that its okay to acknowledge the dark every now and again.

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Little bites of happiness

One of the fundamental ways to be happy for me is enjoying the moment, whether that is taking a minute out of your day to enjoy the sunshine or the tree’s blowing in the wind. Even taking the time to enjoy sounds, the birds singing in the trees or the laughing of one of your friends. So often in this ever changing world we forget to enjoy these little bites of happiness. Instead we are engrossed in our phones or social media constantly trying to keep up to date but in doing so we miss these moments. The moments in which are important to our well-being and overall happiness. So take some time out of your day to just enjoy these little bites of happiness, you won’t believe the difference it can make!

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