Living with the light and the dark

Taking a walk the other day I noticed a parting in the sky one side was completely grey yet the other side was white and it made me start to think. We always live with the light and the dark sometimes we live in the light more than we live in the dark yet other times its the opposite way around. Its okay to live in the dark sometimes as long as we don’t stay there too long. I think life is about balancing that time that we spend between the two. Trying to live in the light constantly is draining both your mental and physical energy. But by living in-between the dark and light we can find a neutral balance dipping into both the light and dark but not being completely submerged. There are small things we can do with our day to make us in the light such as doing our favourite things running, meditating, blogging, what ever makes you happy. I think it’s important that we have things that bring light into our lives, things that we can look forward to but i think its also important to note that its okay to acknowledge the dark every now and again.

This is a different kind of post for me, I often write uplifting encouraging posts but i think it’s important to change things up sometimes, If you’ve enjoyed this post please follow the blog to keep up with the latest posts!



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