Little bites of happiness

One of the fundamental ways to be happy for me is enjoying the moment, whether that is taking a minute out of your day to enjoy the sunshine or the tree’s blowing in the wind. Even taking the time to enjoy sounds, the birds singing in the trees or the laughing of one of your friends. So often in this ever changing world we forget to enjoy these little bites of happiness. Instead we are engrossed in our phones or social media constantly trying to keep up to date but in doing so we miss these moments. The moments in which are important to our well-being and overall happiness. So take some time out of your day to just enjoy these little bites of happiness, you won’t believe the difference it can make!

seaport during daytime


10 thoughts on “Little bites of happiness”

  1. I have always believed in ‘living in the moment’ and to ‘live without regrets’ to be happy. What’s the point of stressing over small stuff and ruining our moods when the only goal that we do go in life is to be happy?

    Nice post!


  2. Enjoying the little moments is very important. Your post resonated with me a lot. I spend an unhealthy amount of time on social media


  3. I love going for an evening walk with my pups, especially this time of year. I love a good golden hour walk, just me, two doggos & my thoughts.


  4. I’ve been such a huge believer of living in the moment as if you don’t sometimes you miss that moment and can never go back. Love this post!


  5. Yes we definitely we need to learn to enjoy nature. Soak up the pure beauty. It’s such a great way to practice selfcare.


  6. Yes to your very first line! Happiness really lies in enjoying the moment you’re in and just being ~present~. I can definitely agree, sometimes it is hard to stay present in the moment, paying attention to the small things around you because our phone is constantly in our hand and we’re always scrolling.

    Personally, once I’m not looking at my phone and am just taking in my surroundings, I feel a lot happier and calmer.


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