3 Quick ways to influence positivity

Positivity comes from many area’s, people are more influenced by certain area’s more than others therefore trying different ways to influence positivity can help you narrow down ways to feel inspired and positive. For me the quickest ways to become positive and inspired are:

  1. Listening to music- I’ve created by own playlist of uplifting songs that help me feel more positive. I find listening to just a few songs each morning really help lift my mood and sets me on a positive note for the rest of the day!
  2. Meditating- Now i know for some this can be quite difficult especially when you are new to meditation but just spending 5 minutes a day meditating can really make a difference, if you are new to meditation and want to try it out i recommend searching for ‘guided meditations’ on Youtube there’s tonnes of video’s and its a great way to get started.
  3. Exercising- A great stress reliever and due to all the endorphins you release it helps you feel happier and get healthier for me exercise is important for gaining  a positive mindset.

So make a playlist, find time to exercise and/or meditate even if its just for 5 minutes you will  benefit in the end!

What are your top ways of influencing positivity? Let me know in the comments! If you’ve enjoyed this post please follow the blog and/or follow me on twitter!pexels-photo-415380.jpeg


1 thought on “3 Quick ways to influence positivity”

  1. I think your blog looks great! Maybe just go through and reread them for errors or grammar mistakes. I am a teacher, so it is something I notice!


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