My 3 ways to stay positive!

People can find positivity in many ways reading books, watching webinars, listening to motivational speakers… the list can go on! Everyone is influenced differently but I wanted to share with you my top 3 way’s to stay positive.

  1. Make a playlist! I find listening to your favourite music really helps to ease any anxiety and keep drawing on those positive vibes, it helps if the music itself is positive for example on of my favourite songs to listen to is Happy by Pharrell Williams it might be slightly cheesy but it helps me feel positive.
  2. Have a collection of positive quotes, I have a section of my wall covered in them! By reading them every day it encourages you to stay inspired.
  3. Listening to motivational speakers, one of my favourite ones is the Ted talks section on Youtube. You can find hundreds of speakers each with there own idea’s for keeping you inspired.

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